"There are an estimated 53 million domestic workers worldwide – the majority of whom are women and girls, and many of whom are migrants…Labor leaders from more than 40 countries met in Montevideo from October 26 to 28 to establish the International Domestic Workers Federation to organize domestic workers worldwide, share strategies across regions, and advocate for their rights."


Sara Campos Boardmember of Mujeres Unidas & Activas applauds a new state law extending workplace rights to domestic workers.


The International Labor Organization’s Domestic Workers Convention went into force this morning, giving domestic workers in nine countries the right to basic labor protections including days off, minimum wage, overtime pay, and the right to limit how much they must work.

The United States is not one of those nine countries.

On this historic day, will you help domestic workers win basic labor protections in the US? Click below to tell the California Senate and Governor Jerry Brown to pass the California Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.
National Domestic Workers Alliance

More coverage of the CA Domestic Workers Coalition DriveForDignity earlier this week. We’ve marched, now we need you to call! Ask Gov. Jerry Brown to work with Domestic Workers to shape a bill he’ll sign!